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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/4e8qtt/first_post_and_kinda_nervous_hi_gw/) by @senpaiNoticeMyPantsu

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your words are so flattering and kind! Everyone has made me feel so welcome and at ease! Thank you, thank you!!
First but hopefully not the last! You got yourself a set of perfect tits there!
Were you nervous because you thought you might give some guys heart attacks and kill them through sheer hotness? Because I can't see anything else to be nervous about.
If I was your senpai, Id love the chance to see your pantsus.
Very welcome sexy lady! ?
hakuna matata - it means no worries, for the breast of your days.
Nothing to be nervous about at all.
Beautiful body such great nipples i want to play with them
Amazing! nothing to be nervous about. Keep the posts coming!
..... smooth all the way down... mother of god. Just... damn.
You are beautiful thank you for sharing
You've done this before I see
You'll do just fine here.
Nervous about what? Your body is amazing.
Oh, sweet jeebus.
Bangin body and perfect tits. Hope to see more
Damn.. no need to be nervous.. you could be a swimsuit model.

[f]irst post here! Hi guys

[f]irst post here! Hi guys

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