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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/wifesharing/comments/5jmfu2/hi_im_the_wife_of_a_man_who_wants_to_share_me/) by @April0104

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I think that if I ever get married, I never do stuff like this.
Damn! Where do I sign up for that?!?!
I have throughly enjoyed sharing my wife and also being the lucky man to share another's wife. It is definitely fun but don't rush into anything and be patient. Have fun'!
I think you've got a nice ass.
I say If u in Indiana I call dibs
As long as you find the right lover, and please take your time to do so - it can be a lot of fun. My wife enjoys it thoroughly!
That ass and those stretch marks have got me like DAMN! And fucking a married woman is one of my favorite fantasies.
He certainly won't have a hard time finding willing men, you have a great body! I'm loving those curves
I think you're very sexy and you're lucky to have a man that will allow you to be enjoyed by another person and you enjoy that other person.
Wow! Amazingly sexy woman and body. Your husband is one lucky man. I would for sure sign up if he wants to share you:)
You are fucking sexy. Please show those feet