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That's almost the perfect body right there.
As a "butt" guy I get really disappointed when I see no picture from behind in this kind of sets.
Been following Carlotta's career for some time. Pics all look normal to me (by normal I mean *va va voom*). She posts here under [u/Sexbunny1](http://www.reddit.com/user/Sexbunny1)
Take note everyone. This is what is referred to as "curvy". Very pleasing to the eye.
Love the bush
Methinks there be a bit of photoshop fuckery involved in #3.
Pic 3 is shopped.
does she do hardcore??
I find her shape interesting... and I am genuinely curious if she has a hard time finding pants that fit right?
To all the fattys. THIS is curvy.
Hot damn. Her body resembles those that were hand-chiseled by Ancient Greeks.
Yes, come to /r/fithips my brothers (and sisters...)!
This. This is what curvy is. Take note.
Perfect example what I'm thinking when I say s woman with curves.
wars have begun for women like that.
Couldn't be more perfect
She is gorgeous

What a beautiful face

What a beautiful face

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