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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/WouldYouFuckMyWife/comments/6atecg/wife_wants_to_know_what_you_think_about_her/) by @[deleted]

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That floor is filthy, clean the floor man
I think she's got a great ass! Thanks for sharing!
Beautiful, from head to Converse.
Great ass and juicy pussy. Would love to eat her out and blow my load on her ass
those are vans not chucks...but yes agree with rest of the statement
i'd lay on that dirty floor just to get a piece of her
I think she's sexy! I think I want her to sit on my face just like that :o
That hip to waist ratio is crazy hot. I love a naked girl, with or without fun kicks. I think she'd look amazing greeting the pizza guy that way ;)
I think I can die happy now
Unreal. Edgy. Cool. Scorching
I wanna know if your wife would like it if I slammed her against the wall fucking that pussy and ass like a jack hammer!!
O the things I could do ;)
Easily fuckable! ;)
I could care less about her insanely hot nippies, and sexy body.i wanna see her cute face.

Wife wants to know what you think

Wife wants to know what you think

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