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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/3wocx2/i_forgot_my_underwear_at_my_dates_apartment_but_i/) by @Irish_war_dances

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In my experience, young ladies rarely "forget" their undergarments. :)
Wow that is an amazing set, you had a very lucky date! Keep them coming ;0)
Your date needs an AMA.
That is one sexy hot outfit.
That is an incredibly hot dress, first of all, and second, I'm QUITE jealous of the person who was privileged enough to be greeted with that body at the end of his date. My goodness!
I don't mind. But I'm thinking your date might be wondering
You would be a good fuck.
Your dates apartment has bathroom stalls?
If you were on a date why are u getting naked on the internet o_o
How did the date go?
I clicked on the thumbnail thinking it was tire treads or something, very pleasant surprise to see a beautiful naked girl!
I have never been so happy for a fellow man in my life.
Hes probably wearing your underwear like a bane mask while he pleasures himself.
Smoking hot lady!
Well here's my fetish summed up perfectly.
don't mind at all ;)
Out of curiosity, how? :)

You guys forgot this one

You guys forgot this one

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