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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/normalnudes/comments/64ecfw/f30121_lbs_this_post_is_about_realism_i_have_a/) by @jessicafitbod

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Show me somethin natural like ass with the stretch marks.
Looks like a scar from a lightning strike, which is fucking awesome.
The stretchmarks are not that bad! really. But i'm not sure why you're posting a mostly clothed pic to normalnudes
Most nice big asses do. Nothing to be ashamed about.
Thank you for being natural!
Looking great from here. Thanks for sharing your "normality". <3
Dramatic ass title
I have similar stretch marks, also some on my inner thighs. I have never been ashamed and neither to you. You got a great bum. Most big bums (I'd say the majority) have stretch marks. You rarely will see a larger bum with no stretch marks.
Looks sharp to me. Think I see a smile up there too, which is pretty hot.
I see nothing wrong. I guess either you have body confidence or you don't. There's always things about your body to complain about.
The authenticity makes it better. Be you!
Don't change a thing
You are amazing. Thank you for coming here and sharing!
Love those booties with the stretch marks!

Nice stretch marks

Nice stretch marks

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