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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/nsfw/comments/4a3tja/katnisevergreen/) by @IHavePourGrammer

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Best gif I've seen of a girl sucking and fucking in a long time.
The big issue with this is that it reinforces dying. Every time you die you give your self a positive reinforcement for that by plessuring yourself. Bad behavioural habit if you want to become really good at halo
Stuff like this is just boring, but maybe I'm too desensitized.
Women don't even need their hands to masturbate so unfair.
Does no one else get the title, or am I just stupid?
Full version?
This is pretty amazing...
kid on the other end "Get fucked!"
Bobs couch and ottoman, bestbuy tv stand, wal mart standing lamp... This is a perfect "dudes first place" living room
what a time to be alive
Give us the salsa!
Impressive multi-tasking.
all i can think is, "i hope that she doesn't have athlete's foot."
Why would you reward yourself for being bad?
This is actually a great idea. Thank you. :)
Woah who's the gal
Aye shes a pc Gamer i like her
wow, this is absurdly arousing