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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/4p541l/i_woke_up_like_thisaching_and_tight_can_someone/) by @IamApipeDream

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That titty drop gif broke me...you are sheer perfection.
Something about your bum is so epic, it's one of the best I've seen on gonewild.
Ghot dam! Your body is incredible. And you're probably the type that never hits the gym.
In my professional opinion it looks like your hips really need to stretched out for extra mobility
*strangers in space time* *helping each other get off* *so fucking horny*
I would love to give you a massage
I'm sure I could help you out
that booty tho
As long as I can get my hands on that hot body of yours you could ask me to do anything.
You have one of the most amazing bodies! Beautiful ass, perfect tits and you are so perfectly proportioned! Damn beautiful
rockin body. tight ass. wish you woke up next to me.
You are perfect ? Wow! Thanks for those shots ;)
Mother of God
Can i please play with that ass?
That album just kept getting better and better. Gorgeous body
(cracks knuckles, warms up oil, does some jumping jacks) YES
Simply amazing.