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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/45tb51/first_post_is_this_right/) by @smilesfordaysss

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Close. With hips like that we've gotta see you from behind.
I'd say you did alright: nice body, awesome hair, clean bathroom. You forgot one small detail: taking off your pants! ;)
I'm most impressed with how clean you keep your bathroom.
That phone is sexy as hell
Need to see more...for...fitness reasons.
You've got rediculous ratios holy crap. What are your measurements 38 26 40?
Three suggestions: 1. Show us that smile for days 2. Maybe full reveal (if your building anticipation that's cool too) 3. Just PLEASE keep the posts coming!ď
Yes, you are very sexy!
that is pretty much perfect
Looks right to me!
I think I can speak for everyone and say your body is awesome and we can't wait to see that ass as well
Yes. You're doing it right
It doesn't get anymore right
It's way better than right.
You're a natural! Your body is amazing... perfect curves. Looking forward to seeing more of you on here x
Everything about you is right as rain
Your body is absolutely perfect.
abolutely perfect - looks so hot!!!!
so so so so right