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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/3t0hep/f_this_is_what_it_look_like_when_i_cum/) by @Rapunkkzel

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this is another time but has sound with.. if want hear me :) https://eroshare.com/7zap0v5k
I've never had such a strong urge to thrust my dick into my computer screen.
This makes me regret every single life choice I have ever made cause it hasn't led me to you.
Great clip! Nothing hotter than watching a pussy cum like that. I wish more girls knew how hot this is and shared theirs. You should x-post this to /r/orgasmiccontractions
Jesus . . . Fucking . . . Fuck . . .
Oh fuck that is hot! I'm sure it's calling my name!!!
Oh my god, amaaazing pussy contractions. I'd love to be inside you when that happens, but your pussy is so hot I doubt I'd get you there on my own, so maybe you'd have to start without me and I'll just pop in for a second at the end ;) (Wow, reading that back, I realize that's about as little incentive as one could give to get someone to fuck them... Oh well, hope for the best!)
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If this is not the goal of life then what is. Absolutely best from you.

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