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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/54o1dh/you_guys_didnt_seem_to_like_me_so_much_on_my/) by @Property-of-Sir

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I didn't see the first post but this one is amazing. You look gorgeous.
Someone else's property.
So many lovely ladies on GW And I only have so many faps to give. Don't think you're not loved, we are just recharging.
i hope there are plenty more tries to come
I'm liking it now. Let's see some more.
You look fucking amazing. Is your pussy waxed
Who said that! Point him out
Cant wait for the 3rd try
You look amazing, very nice picture
You must be an obedient sub
Yes please.
Love it!!!
You have an amazing body, I really want to see more!
Fuck that pussy looks delicious.
Looking great here. Were u out dogging? I like the juices in the first one. So may be a freshly fucked for the 3rd one ;)
I can only wish I was Sir!
Yeah so apparently alot of us missed your first post, but yeah please don't leave us. It's not everyday we get nice hot new talent here
you kidding.....looks awfully sweet to me.........very nice.
Getting better. The slut level is certainly on the improve.
A cups best cups.