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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/chubby/comments/f466hr/i_got_stood_up_on_valentines_day_somebody_keep_me/) by @bbkitter

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Oh my GOD where is your outfit from 😍
Well, whoever did that missed out ❤
ur like something out of a dream, ur body is absolutely stunning 🥺
​ That is terrible. someone was an idiot. You are so hot and sexy.
From one girl to another, you are absolutely gorgeous. ❤️
That’s a fuckin woman
I would love to worship your entire body!
Omg please tell me where you got that lingerie from
From one chubby girl to another, holy fuck you are incredible❤️😍 I’d lay you down myself and treat you like the Princess you are 😊
It's his loss
That's a hell of a body! Wow!
What kind of fucking asshole flakes on v day
I will love to be your valentine sexy
God he’s a dipshit!
Whoever stood you up was a fucking moron! You look incredible!!
WHAT? That's crazy you look way to good to be stood up. There lose, I'm sure we could get into some trouble
You are beautiful
I cannot believe you were. How? I mean, I never would have.
Absolutely Gorgeous
Where did you get this from! It's so cute!!!
You look amazing. Their loss.

Keep Cumming

Keep Cumming

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