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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewildcurvy/comments/4vmjsv/people_from_my_sc_wanted_me_to_post_this_one_enjoy/) by @MsHookah

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It was a nice little 10 seconds on snapchat :)
Thank you SC people. Good call.
and your SC is?
God fucking damn! New favorite post of yours!
fuck yeah
Just added you to SC. Edit: You guys should, too. Some good stuff.
Damn why aren't we SC friends... Amazing body!!
Wish we were snapchap friends. You have a lovely body.
Oh my I thought I'd never see a woman as hot as you on here :p
😍😍😍 and thank god you did
Dyum that's hot
I'm pretty sure I took a screenshot of that one.
Ur goin to become my fav new SC'er
Really great pic! Adding you now.
Nice laundry basket!
Very nice tits
so fkn sexy. amazing curves and titties
My absolute favorite redditor. Hands down. Er, up I guess?
Just added you, my new favorite! You are so god damn sexy, hope you add back! ;)
Your shirt being in your mouth like that makes this 10 times hotter for some reason...
I'm just going to go ahead and come over to have my way with those breasts while using that shirt to gag you just like that. First i'll be adding SC though