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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/4jdtqj/its_my_first_cake_day_guys_lets_celebrate_with_an/) by @TweedleDeevious

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One year of nothing but quality posts, Tweedle. The fact that the album is nearly 80 photos reflects that. You have such a phenomenal body.
From beautiful smile down to adorable little toes.... the most exquisite woman I have ever laid eyes on. Wow.
Great body shape, charming smile, beautiful feet !
too perfect to be true !! delicious shower hmm
I have to know..... Are you at least Bi or Bi Friendly, because I would **LOVE** to see you and /u/thediggitydank get together. You are fast becoming one of my favorites. Damn your legs seem to go on forever....
best album i've seen here and i've been here a while.... girl is fit, naughty, hot and even likes to smoke some weed 10/10 qualified to have my babies
What a time to be alive
You've got pretty hands. Amongst other things ;)
You're as close to perfect that I've ever seen. Gorgeous.
Thank you for this. I enjoyed everything to that pretty smile to them adorable toes. ???
They are all amazing,! I will enjoy these later tonight