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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/AsiansGoneWild/comments/4rtd3b/cant_seem_to_fall_asleep_album_xposted_rgonewild/) by @mewsician

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you have a very lovely body
Love your tan lines! Cuddles should help :)
Would love to be there and lie awake with you!
You should cum always helps me fall asleep
I would like to fuck you to sleep. Or, at the very least, eat that pussy until you passout
Sheep counting should help But your way is far Better
Congratulations, me either until I rub one out.
Oh where a sleep lacking night takes one
I'd love to help you pass the time.
Wish I could use my tongue in between
Did you get some sleep?
I know, but your so sexy, can never get enough. Post more
Those lips and that body. Oh my ;-) gorgeous. How about a face reveal?
Amazing shots
Don't ever sleep! Keep posting:)
I can help you sleep ;)
Marry me???😱
You look so fucking delicious.
how about i come over and we can have some naughty fun
Your body is a wonderland
You are extremely beautiful! Do you live in the u.s.?
Damn you need to be my boo!
Show us your boobs