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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/4kinkg/first_time_posting_a_bikini_album_for_you_im_all/) by @the_buttons

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Love it <3
awesome!!!! gorgeous fucking body too!
/r/ghostnipples would appreciate you a lot
You need to wear bottoms that show more cheek. Try the "itsy" bikini from Victoria's Secret.
As a Brazilian I can just think this bikini is too big 👀
Absolutely fantastic body! !
Nice tan lines, beautiful breasts and WOW, what a booty!
Smoking hot body, awesome tan lines and a sexy little landing strip, love it all!
Gorgeous and sexy in every way.
Gorgeous! Love your curves ;-)
Great pics again, always love it when you post...
The Heavenly body of an Angel 😍
Amazing body, so hot and sexy
Fuck I love that little landing strip. Damn. Show us more of that...not enough girls rock the landing strip
Fucking flawless! Perky breasts, big firm ass, and I love the tan lines
You got it all babe
I hope this isn't the last time you post a bikini album!! 😍
Don't bother showering because we're gonna get dirty again
Oh my god more, please.
Oh my...tan lines are so sexy!

(f)irst little album

(f)irst little album

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