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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/3oxla1/i_love_playing_with_myself_at_work_nobody/) by @SamwiseGamgee1776

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I was once playing with myself at work while they were looking for me, to take me to HR, to fire me True story, be careful
Any job openings at your workplace?
EVERYBODY suspects it.
Um. Who took the picture if you're at work?
That guy peeking in does.
Atta girl! Damn that's hot!!! Keep up the good "work" :)
Head on over to r/workgonewild
So, you're like the Spanish Inquisition of fappers?
Jesus Christ that's hot
/r/holdthemoan will love this~~
Bethany, HR would like a word with you...
Got to love a girl who is that hot she has to rub one out at work!!
Now every time I see a pale, red head with pink lips, which says she does have to go to the toilet, I'll think she'll make some sexy photos. :)
Love to walking into that at work.
God damn, so sexy!
I'll be your Mr. Frodo.
Damn I like the open mouth ?
so hot when no-one expects it
Godddamn, there has to be more of this...
Let me just turn down the brightness on the display here.
You are hired!
They may not suspect it....but it they really hope it happens.