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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/TinyTits/comments/15fjw2/was_encouraged_to_post_here_to_make_me_feel/) by @1_2_3_throwaway

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Those are called champagne glass tits, because they fit perfectly in a champagne glass. A lot of guys, myself included, like them the best. Girls with pretty boobs like yours almost always have beautiful bodies and perfect asses. Just like yours. You have not one thing to feel bad about. Merry Christmas.
How can you feel poorly about those perfect boobs?
There is nothing I love more than small tits and large nipples
I love your boobs!
I don't know if posting made you feel better or not but I feel great! Thanks for the boobs!
Yup, smaller is better! :)
Everything about that body is great.
Absolutely Perfect and not just your breast
Little breasts have tons of advantages, not to mention from what I can see, your bubble butt more than makes up for it. I'd take that rear end over big boobs that are just gonna sag eventually, you're better off ;)
I love your hot, sexy body. Pls post more or better still move in with me :)
I'd be down on that like beaver on a log of wood