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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/3e74lt/i_was_lacking_inspiration_for_another_post_so_my/) by @st0lenparadise

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nice asses
tell me there is some space for a third girl!
More please. -Every person ever
room for a third on that couch? :) you two are flawless! i don't think i could restrain myself if i was there <3
How does this happen? Like, when do two girls decide to just pose for the camera together for giggles? I've never had a girlfriend who thought that would be great, sadly.
Two hearts
Awesome shot! Were you laughing or kissing her?! :D
Oh my life.. Talk about visualizing my fantasies. You both look stunning!
I need to find friends like that...
Looking for a third? I'd love to get under you. Or behind you. Or anywhere with you
well she looks like a great friend
the one thing more bangable than a hot ass is two hot asses, true story
That is one outstanding friend. Might want to keep her around. Very beautiful ladies
Dinner for 2!
So fucking sexy!! Please tell me there is more?
That's cool
I'm finding plenty of inspiration
congratulations, your (M)FF wish finally came true! :-) would absolutely love to see more pics. ;-)

Help me find a friend

Help me find a friend

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