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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/36qov4/my_boyfriend_is_in_the_hospital_thought_id_cheer/) by @SL_Delight

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My head hurts trying to figure out the logic...nice tits though
Next time, try just sucking him off in the hospital.
Hope he's doing well. I'm going to have to thank him for reaping the benefits as well :P
The nurses will like his boner :)
Ya'll some prude mothafuckas. Leave the nice couple to their fetish, nobody's losing.
I'm sorry, all I can see is that twisted bra strap. It's really stressing me out
She was just hoping that her BF could pass those pics on to the nearest OB/GYN for a free analysis. Should be reposted to /r/frugal.
Great pictures, but when your boyfriend is in the hospital..., who made the pictures? :D
This will either get him out of the hospital or keep him in it for a long long time. Damn.
i can see that his ailment has taken a toll on you....
Wouldn't it make more sense to go show him that in person?
dont know about your bf but i feel better
Hopefully he's not there for two broken arms.
I can't speak for him, but it sure as shit cheered me up!