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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/32a1jl/two_for_one_show_me_some_love_guys/) by @Gameofravenclaw

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You have amazing tits!
Is that Poe on your leg? Will you show it?
You have the greatest tits
Might need a closer view on that tat if you know what I mean ;)
Is that...Is that an Edgar Allen Poe portrait tattoo???
Outstanding. I want some.
I love you.
Wonderful janglers. Actually, it's all pretty hot.
WOW boobs...
Great tits.
Yum yum.
Goddamn holy hell.
Very nice.
Wow! Very sexy lady!
Amazing body
Oh my...im at lost for words
Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
my brain cant decide on what to focus on, the boobs or the tattoo, but both look amazing
You simply aren't getting the upvotes you deserve!
Really like the comfyness of these. Makes me want cuddles.
You have the perfect fit body.
More like 4 for one
Amazing tits! A ton of love cumming your way...
You ha e all teh loves? Lol tho you look amazing :)
Absolutely gorgeous.
What a pair! I tried crossing my eyes to get the full 3-D impact but all I got was a very predictable rise in my levis'.
Can't tell if that tattoo is medusa or not

Just love to show off

Just love to show off

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