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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/4wjaj0/for_those_who_like_rings_here_you_go_for_those/) by @madeyalook00

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You have the hottest body ive ever seen, how about that?
That gap. Omg
I didnt know I liked nipple rings. But I sure as hell do.
Damn, that looks so damn tight and inviting
Add a chain between them and you've convinced me.
I have bars. I've tried rings but the piercing channel healed for bars so when I put rings in it hurts like whoa because of the curve. I do love the way rings look though. And yours look phenomenal!
That body was built for fucking.
That's a great jacket.
Gorgeous! Fantastic body
Love those nipple rings and your tits in general. So sexy!
I thought this was a post about gymnastics
Nice jacket?
You rose my bar
Finest body on here...damn fine!
Biker chic
Awesome fit body and cute hairs
more of that cute pussy!
doesn't matter. I'd like to explore both with my tongue to see what would excite you most.
You have changed my mind
I love both, and yours... My goodness yours are delightful.
Turn around
I usually don't like either, but in your case I'll definitely make an exception. What a perfect body!

I hope you don't mind if I change

I hope you don't mind if I change

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