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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/180zmv/told_my_fuck_buddy_i_wanted_to_know_what_it/) by @ashley2x

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Those breasts are amazing.
Put a sheet on that poor mattress!
I think this may be the best m/f pic I have seen on gw.
I just realized that tits, neck, and head make the shape of a dick and balls. Heh.
I really enjoy giving blowjobs in this position.
There should be waaaaay more of this.
Fuck yeah. Still my absolute favorite experience, fucking my ex like this...it has to be the sexiest view a man can have, and you pull it off perfectly.
bed sheets?
IF that really is you, then can you please verify? Also, MORE!! This has to be the greatest m/f pic I've seen on all gw
By odins beard.. I just came in the halls of Valhalla!
I have the same sheets!
Best position ever.
Just a little bit deeper, she looks to be on the verge of gagging.
As a guy who has never experienced this position, I'm now both envious and even more eager to do it. Also, your tits are fandabbydozy.
Best pic I've ever seen on Reddit...
whats wrong with that dudes dick