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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/2cqzff/im_dying_for_some_birthday_sex_today/) by @clothesareoverrated

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Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys :] You all are the best. I'm still horny though.
Happy Birthday
I would *love* to give you some birthday fucking and maybe some spanks as well but sadly all i can do is wish you a happy birthday gorgeous
Shit, let's do it then. I've cleared my schedule.
Will you settle for cakeday sex?
I wan't to understand something, I hope OP can reply. You and every 'horny' girl is obviously very confident with their sexuality. Any girls who posts on GW could go on Tinder, get to know a guy (to make sure he's not crazy) and get laid within a couple of days. You're dying for birthday sex? Well it doesn't just have to be a fantasy. Go get it.
Happy birthday. You wouldn't have to beg for long here. Haha
hnh. you have the best bum. and happy birthday!
Happy birthday, I'm a fan of your landing strip.
If you're in Texas
That's what I call an erotic album. I wish I could give you a good pounding for your birthday.
I'm craving birthday sex myself. No birthday sex for me either.

Sex at New Years Rent Cheque 2015

Sex at New Years Rent Cheque 2015

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