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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/37gdoc/little_irish_girl_wearing_snoopy_panties_who/) by @lilmin

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I just want to hear your accent.
/r/moundofvenus and /r/pussymound will love you
Omg yes... The little bush makes it extra hot.
Finally some Irish representation! Fair play. Doing us proud ;) haha
My great granddad just HAD to go and get booted from Ireland. Love Irish girls
Sweet little mound :)
What a sweet little pussy you have.
very nice bush, well I can't resist. thank you so very much. very sexy
I certainly could not resist. I know /r/feet would enjoy for you to make a small album on the sub!
Lovely Irish mound, but being from N.Ireland I can confirm that not many look like this. It's a shame really.
Beautiful! I lick you just the way you are! Yummy!
Bikini bridge!
Is that Irish or Irish-American? Both are good btw.
Irish girls and Snoopy are two of my favorite things. :)
That mound is unreal; it calls to me, "this is what you need, this is where you want to be."
Very very hot panties and I love that you have hair
Sexiest thing I've seen in a while. Labia pics next?