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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/GoneWildPlus/comments/1s42vw/feeling_lonely_in_chicago_and_im_new_to_reddit/) by @kayceannmorgado

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I'm in Chicago and can help you feel less lonely. Let me know.
Feeling amazed in dc
You just haven't found the right people if you're lonely. This city is great!
Let me be the first to welcome you with open arms :)
I'd love to see more!
mmmmmmmmm............. are you sub?
You are in the right place. Thanks for sharing, beautiful! ;)
Wow.... so delicious looking!
Absolutely gorgeous. I hope you enjoy it here as much as I enjoy you.:)
No way you should be feeling lonely in our great city! Let me know if you want some company next time you're getting this unacceptable feeling :) You're far to cute/sexy for that!!
Greetings fellow chicagoan. Hopefully will be seeing more of you.
Nice ass/vag.
My goodness I would love to lick you out from behind
If I was in Chicago, I would suggest that we let your butthole and my tongue get acquainted. I think they would be great friends.
My. Fucking. God. How can one woman make me so horny?
Glad you posted! Hope you frequent here more.

Thought I'd give it a shot

Thought I'd give it a shot

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