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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/2yxzre/not_sure_how_i_feel_about_turning_22_but_heres_an/) by @Supernovae_

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Faces in GW are my favorite
She's 22 with how many years of experience??
Lemme eat DAT coochi gurl
You're gorgeous, great booby and hips, yummy tight looking peach, and beautiful face. Sexy lipstick too.
Happy Birthday!!! And don't worry age is just a number, you look stunning and drop dead gorgeous. Mmmm yum
As someone about to turn 40, here's how you should feel about turning 22: glad to not be turning 30 or 40.
I'd lick your butt 22 times.....but since you look 30....I'll round up.
Nice body. Thanks
What are you worried about?
That ass is fucking phenomenal
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday sexy apple-bottomed goddess!
Happy birthday, pretty girl. I hope you get all the birthday sex you can take.
You kids are kind of stupid always worrying about aging, good thing is some of you (not all) will eventually become intelligent when you are older.
Nice hot body
Happy Birthday! You are a beautiful young woman with an amazing body...things are only going to get better for you :)

Pink-ish. Album in comments.

Pink-ish. Album in comments.

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