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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/3cjkid/sometimes_im_overcome_thinking_about_it_f/) by @thediggitydank

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Today's GW just got a lot more sexy! We miss your long posts and stories, Diggs!!
Jesus you have the most amazing body!!!
Making love in the green grass behind the stadium with you...?
Always quality work. I appreciate the effort you put into your posts.
I saw this post and thought it was a Brow Eyed Girl reference. This turned out to be amazing. Beautiful, enticing, and even thought-provoking. Exquisite. Thank you OP.
Ooof that O face!!
I NEVER get wood from looking at stills. Until today. This is... You are... PERFECT :DD
That was wonderful, Diggity, but that next to last one... that was art. It makes me want to inhabit you.
Can you use that toy on me while I lick your pussy please
I feel weird not being like everyone else and saying something weird. but what was up with the captions a poem or something
Easily the hottest chick on Reddit. I wish you would post more often.
Uh I saw 1/4 of a nostril!
Wow. Amazing gallery. Thank you for sharing.

And sometimes, it was pink

And sometimes, it was pink

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