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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/54xqf7/f_m_friend_filled_me_with_cum/) by @AwilixSuku

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Damn. That is pretty hot.
It looks like an alien life form is eating the penis.
I sooooo need a friend like you!!
So, you two are pretty close, huh?
Any more to that video? Please?
That's what friends are for.
Where is the video???
Is there a 3rd party there as well?
Super hot. Looks like a pretty juicy pussy even before the creampie
He sure did!
This is fucking art!
What a lucky guy
I think need new friends
Poor guy is so friend zoned.
Wow, I need to have more friends like you. :)
Well... that's fuckin hot.
Need any more friends?
That was awsome great post.
Good friend
Well damn.. That was hot!
we need more!
Beat friends like you are the best. Open minded and care free. I miss mine 😭
So sexy
I'm sure he was grateful! That butt puckered looks great as well.😃
jesus christ
Dang, I wish I had a friend like you.
He really fills you up.
such a good video, I'm sure the fling is much better
I wish I had a friend
You've got a friend in me ;)
So fucking hot.
I gotta get better friends...
I need a friend like you

Bound and filled with cum

Bound and filled with cum

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