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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/4vgomp/wreck_my_inbox_f_get_it_p/) by @dirtynerds

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I'd love to wreck your outbox
*unzip* you've got mail.
I'm just here for the puns
I like your smile.
This is how you get your inbox stuffed People will have to start using the outgoing male slot, haha
I'd fill your inbox so full you'd need a baysian filter to clean up
what about the "OUTBOX" ?
Ive got a special delivery for your inbox ma'am!
I see you have another box for larger packages
I think your in and out boxes will be full soon!
If love to fill your inbox with my junk mail
with what?
You don't stop, do you? I love it. ;)
I'd love to wreck all your inboxes
Excellent title and content :)
I would luv to get it!!!
I'd wreck your inbox and your outbox...
Be my slamhole doll. ;p
Well played ma'am.... Well played
pretty sweet inbox................very nice.
Looks like I'll have stuff ur inbox full of this male 😉
Very hot
I'll make sure to wreck your inbox and outbox!
I up voted just because of the pun lol
Holy Fuck. I want you in front of me right now so I can just punish your pussy.
It definitely needs a good spamming!

So wet (f)rom these inbox messages ;)

So wet (f)rom these inbox messages ;)

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