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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/2nkjg4/ready_for_work_if_only_patients_knew_what_im/) by @SL_Delight

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You wear skirts and not scrub pants?
Hellooooo nurse.
I'm sick *cough* come heal me
Nurses wear scrubs.
Come be my nurse please?
I am your patient
Great ass and pussy! Your back in pic 3 is unbelievable!
I wish I worked with nurses like you!!!
Pretty sure if your patients knew what you were wearing underneath, they would either get better faster or they would just never leave lol
If they did...then what? ;)
I think i need some mouth to mouth after what ive seen
So Hot!! I´d like to taste your sweet pussy!!
OMG! :)
i coud juse some nursing and ialready know how it ends xxx
Stoooop im going to see all nurses like this...
maybe they do;)
I would get sick just so you could come show me
So rad 🐶
Nurse I need to perform an oral examination on that pussy ;)
OMG, you're the ultimate fantasy! A horny hot nurse!
You'd have to deal with a lot more "situations" I'm sure.
Epic gap.
I hope you show one some day, and for the love of terrible odds, I hope it is me.