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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/AsiansGoneWild/comments/5t6rjz/twin_buns_now_in_motion_picture_sorry_i_didnt_do/) by @HarrietSugarcookie

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Probably the hottest girl I've seen on here :O Wow!
Buns and boobs. I dont know art, but i know what i like!
What a way to start my Friday! Hot Damn!
You are gorgeous
Just what I needed on this slow day. You are so cute! Thanks for brightening my day😊
RemindMe! 45 minutes
I almost can't stand how hot you are.
My god
Wow! Why did it take me this long to find the cutest Asian on this sub??
Holy moly. Everyone else has already said so, but you are definitely one of the most attractive women I've had the pleasure of seeing. Happy Friday!
I think you're the reason I love Asians. Good Lord, Harriet.
Yay now I can sleep with nice thoughts
Please show us your pussy.
Damn didn't know [BoxBox](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/MSiacg2fYkg/maxresdefault.jpg) had a twin sister
Wow what an amazing gif to wake up to! Stunning
Man that's so sexy! Love your lips
Jeebus you're cute
Your hair buns bring out your boob buns
Fuck, you're so cute and hot. <3