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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/551xwq/im_really_excited_to_try_out_my_new_toy_its_a_lot/) by @natural_red

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Is that a Bad Dragon toy? Certainly hope to see it in use!
Is it going in the V or A?
Please tell me there will be a video of this!?!?
A Red vs Nox gif sounds like a good time.
Is there a way to follow someone if they don't have their own sub ? Don't want to miss out on what's going to happen in the next post. .
Wow...please show us you trying it out for the first time!
My goodness!!!
Definitely need another posting of you enjoying it!
I need to get one of those. Even if I only used it as a means to terrify my girlfriend with it.
Hmm, do we need a new dragonsfucking__ sub, /r/dragonsfuckingmods?
Impressive. Love to be a witness to that!
Slowly slowly but you can take that easy...
***@_@*** You just answered all of my hopes for future posts from you
Although I clenched my butt cheeks when I saw it, I am curious to see you tackle it. Looking awesome as always, sexy mod.
It's huge!
does that fit? damn
Is that the one that lays an egg?
I would disappoint you...but I'd die trying.