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from #thread (https://reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/2tfb0f/if_my_manager_only_knew/) by @bjprincess420

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If I was your manager would you tell me?
If (s)he did know, they would be the one getting the benefits. Tight body you got there.
So that's where you went on break!!
He does....and he is enjoying the tape...
Might as well get off at work, your always getting fucked, why not have some pleasure too?
You would get a fantastic raise and many benefits
I ma sure he knows.....that you have the hottest TITS!!!! OMFG!!!!! made my tongue hard
I am getting lost in you. I keep clicking away and then coming immediately back.
Get to my office now. I think you have to work over time from now on.
I wonder what would happen if your manager walked in ;)
[/r/WorkGoneWild](http://www.reddit.com/r/workgonewild/) would love to see this and any other shenanigans you get into at work ;)
Wow! Just stunning.....why can't there be any naughty girls like you here at my work? Two thumbs and a foot up!
Mmmm made my mouth water ;)
I'd like to be your manager and catch you!

Nikki Capone knew he had a big dick

Nikki Capone knew he had a big dick

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